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German students falling behind in sciences, mathematics Students in Germany aren't performing as well in mathematics and science as they were in , according to a new study. The negative trend was most visible in eastern states. Versus 1: Christ lag in Todes Banden 3. Versus 2: Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt 4. Versus 3: Jesus Christus, Gottes Sohn 5.

Versus 4: Es war ein wunderlicher Krieg 6. Versus 5: Hie ist das rechte Osterlamm 7. Versus 6: So feiern wir das hohe Fest 8. Versus 7: Wir essen und wir leben wohl. Indeed, it manifests the quintessence of classical formal principles: its proportions are balanced, its four-movement structure consummately designed. It poses high demands on flawless technical brilliance and lightness of execution.

They are not only relatively easy to play but highly lyrical and effective, ideally combining joy in music-making with a mastery of early classical literature.

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The two works were composed much earlier than the opus number suggests. Jonathan Del Mar, currently one of the most renowned Beethoven scholars, stands for a meticulously edited Urtext edition on the basis of an intensive study of all sources. Performers are presented with a musical text which is based on the latest research findings and whose fine engraving and practical page turns facilitate the study of these works.

This Urtext edition includes an informative Introduction and valuable notes on historical performance practice. Here the pianist will also find information regarding the dynamics of the second sonata whose sources contain hardly any dynamic markings at all. Source discrepancies and editorial principles are discussed in the detailed Critical Commentary. Beethoven referred to op. He reacted angrily when his publisher printed French translations of its title and movement headings.

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This however did not prevent op. The editorial principles are clearly laid out in the Critical Commentary. The publication is rounded off by helpful comments on important issues of historical performance practice and by an informative Introduction. The highly lyrical Sonata in E minor, the last piano sonata from his middle period, consists of two movements with solely German tempo marks and is dedicated to his piano-playing friend and patron, Moritz Count von Lichnowsky.

The worldwide renowned Beethoven specialist Jonathan Del Mar draws on all available sources for his scholarly-critical Urtext edition. The result of his thorough research is a reliable musical text accompanied by a detailed Critical Commentary. The elegant engraving with practical page turns and an optimal layout for this complex music meet the needs of performers. Indispensable information on performance-related issues the use of the pedal, articulation, ornaments adds to the value of this edition.

Barenreiter Partition Classique - Suk J. Instrumentation : piano, fl, vla, vc. As well as choral compositions and major dramatic works including the opera Genoveva and Manfred Schumann created the intimate piano cycle Forest Scenes, inspired by illustrations of the same theme. The last to be written was the wistful-filigree Vogel als Prophet no. The pieces of moderate technical difficulty are enchanting in their song-like poetry, and are a jewel of domestic music-making from the Romantic period.

Scenes from Childhood op. The fingering takes contemporary performing practise as well as playing on the modern concert grand piano into consideration.

She has long had a special interest in historical performance practice on modern instruments, reflected most recently in her highly-praised complete recording of the keyboard suites by George Frideric Handel. As well as an international performing career, Ragna Schirmer is currently a professor at the Mannheim University of Music and the specialist school Latina August Hermann Francke in Halle. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Rieding O. All editions contain a solo violin part and a piano part for the piano accompanist. The series is edited by Kurt Sassmannshaus, the internationally-renowned violin teacher and co-author of the Sassmannshaus violin school tradition.

His forewords introduce these little gems and include tips for successful first concerts. These editions form an ideal continuation of the Sassmannshaus violin school tradition and can be used in parallel from the third volume onwards or alongside any violin method. The series will be continued and will introduce students to more demanding repertoire with a gradually increasing level of difficulty. Arrangement : Woodfull-Harris, Douglas Series : a tre. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Debussy C.

Most of the currently available editions are based on the first edition from which, however, contains many engraver errors. When the corresponding orchestral parts are also taken into consideration, countless discrepancies are revealed. There is even a breath mark added to the famous solo flute passage which opens the work. The multi-faceted lyrical atmospheric pieces are particularly suitable for piano teaching because of their charming variety as well as their moderate technical demands.

They have become an indispensable part of the concert repertoire. For the first time this scholarly-critical Urtext edition presents the musical text of the New Schubert Edition in new engraving and with optimum page-turns. A detailed foreword, suggestions for performance and notes on the evaluation of the primary sources complete the edition. He performs as a soloist and chamber musician, with groups including the Austrian Calamus Consort, presenting a wide-ranging repertoire on fortepiano, harpsichord and organ.

Barenreiter Stockhausen K.

Mozart: Great Mass in C minor, K. 427 - Radio Philharmonic Orchestra - Live Concert HD

They begin with the frequently played op. They then proceed to the lyrical D major Sonata op. The acclaimed Beethoven specialist Jonathan Del Mar has consulted every known source for these critical Urtext performing editions. The results of his accurate research are presented in a meticulously edited musical text at the cutting edge of scholarship, together with a detailed Critical Commentary.

All three volumes stand out in terms of their elegant and well-presented layout.

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Special emphasis has been placed on optimum page-turns and on the consideration of the flow of the music. The highly informative Introductions on the genesis and significance of the works are supplemented by valuable notes on historical performance practice. His editorial approach and principles are explained in a precisely formulated critical commentary.

With a clear well-presented layout and optimum page turns, this edition invites you to discover this fascinating sonata anew. A foreword by Misha Donat examines the genesis and significance of the work, supplemented by informative notes on questions related to historical performance practice.