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Link followed Marin 's instructions and headed south to the beach, known as Toronbo Shores. He did this by making a left from Marin 's front door, ignoring the many curiosities on the way, and passing two children as he headed south. Hopping down ledges and avoiding enemies, Link easily made it back to the sandy beach he washed up on. Following the shore line to the right, he'd find his path blocked by a spiky Sea Urchin.

Using his Shield with R to protect himself, Link pushed the Sea Urchin aside to pass by and reach the Sword stuck in the sand beyond it. Approaching the Sword , a helpful Owl landed beside him with additional instructions.

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But first, Link made sure to pry the Sword from the sand, as the Owl had interrupted him! Use B to attack with your Sword. You can also Hold B to unleash a Spin Attack. Try it now! Sword in hand, Link made his way north, back to Mabe Village, left past the Chain Chomp, and up an incline to the entrance of the Mysterious Forest. As soon as Link entered, the Owl again perched beside him, ready to bestow wisdom upon him.

Next, Link learned he must:.

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Upon the Owl's departure, Link continued north into the Mysterious Forest and confronted a few Moblin there. These enemies threw spears at him, but Link quickly learned he could block these attacks with his Shield, and take down the foes with two quick swipes of his Sword. Link knew if he ever felt faint of heart, he could find invigorating, healing hearts in tall grass by chopping it down with his Sword.

Sometimes, he found things like valuable Rupees, presumably discarded by a careless passerby Link made his first right into the forest, and continued east, avoiding or defeating the Moblin in his way, until he came across a hollow fallen tree trunk and a sign that warned him of floors with cracks inside.

Unfazed, Link entered the opening, emerging into a cave. He eyed the chest in the center greedily. Taking heed of the warning sign, he destroyed the purple crystals with quick swipes of his Sword while avoiding the cracked floor.

But, unable to move the stones, he made a sure-footed path to the other side of the chest. There, with all the purple crystals destroyed, he was able to push the stone out of the way to the left.

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Inside, he found a Purple Rupee worth 50 Rupees! Knowing the cracked floor could not take much more abuse, Link quickly made his way to the north exit, deeper into the cave. A Heart Piece taunted Link in the next room, but he knew he had not the strength to reach it just yet. On the other side of the cave, Link encountered a Moblin equipped with a Shield.

As crafty as he was though, he knew blocking the Moblin's attack with his own Shield would enable him to attack the Moblin freely. Once out of the cave, Link found a coral-colored Toadstool directly to the left behind some bushes. As bizarre as it was, he pocketed it for later, and then went back into the cave from which he came.

Head to this point on the map next, or read the guide to find out where to find a Fairy Fountain before heading to this building. Getting through the cave from the opposite direction was a bit more tricky, but doable. Link pushed the boulders until he was able to create a path.

Again, knowing the cracked floor could not support his weight for long, Link ran across the decrepit ground to the other side. From the cave entrance, Link headed down the narrow path just south. With no where else to go, he eventually followed it east, then north, to a Fairy Fountain. The Fairy here told Link she would heal his wounds if he ever needed her aid.

Invigorated, Link continued into the forest to the west. When he could, Link turned north , then east right , until he found himself in Koholint Prairie. There's a Heart Piece surrounded by potholes here! Link took note, and knew to return once he found the Roc's Feather from Tail Cave. In Koholint Prarie, Link went south , until a house caught his eye. This creepy old abode was carved into a tree and decorated with a skull; but courageous, kindhearted Link knew not to judge a book by its cover--or a house by its decorations!

He entered, only to be greeted by a friendly Witch! The Witch seemed to be able to smell the Toadstool on Link's person, and she immediately recognized it as, in fact, a Sleepy Toadstool. Free of charge, the Witch brewed the Sleepy Toadstool into some Magic Powder, which Link could use to put enemies to sleep. Equip the Magic Powder to Y or X - but don't use it arbitrarily, you only have 20 uses for now! Link returned to the Witch occasionally with another Sleepy Toadstool in tow to get more Magic Powder! Oddly, the Toadstool always grew in the same spot Link trekked all the way back to the tree stump cave entrance inside the Mysterious Forest, Magic Powder in hand, and continued through the narrow path west.

In the next area, Link went the only direction he hadn't gone yet - north. There, he saw a Raccoon using his tummy as a drum. Detailed walkthroughs for how to survive each are below. There are 51 total Levels in the Trial of the Sword including 6 Rest Areas and 45 Challenge Rooms , each with its own varied layout, enemies , and traps. If Link survives until the end, the Sword Sage will enhance the Master Sword with the power to stay fully charged -- dealing 60 damage -- at all times, instead of just in the presence of Calamity and corrupted Guardians.

This means you can only take on the trial when you have successfully found and obtained the Master Sword. Once the Master Sword has been obtained, you can revisit the pedestal to place the Master Sword back in to trigger the Trial. You will not be able to use the weapon - or any other weapon or armor you possess. Link's state from when he places the Master Sword will carry over into the trials.

So if you're out of hearts, you'll be out of hearts at the beginning of the trials. So be sure to:. Below you will find a detailed layout of each of the trial levels, including what enemies you'll face, weapons you can obtain, and other strategies to survive the trials ahead.

Note that rooms unlock in sets. After a set is cleared, you'll be able to start with the next set and you won't have to return to the previous one. All items you collect will reset once you start a new set. The following levels are fairly easy and introductory into the gauntlet that is the Trial of the Sword.

This set consists of 12 levels. General Strategies - While you can try to sneak up on the Bokoblins before they draw their weapons, for best results, try to climb the tree directly before the campfire, and throw the circular bomb between all three.

Not only will you finish this battle without taking any damage the Bokoblins will become curious and actually move toward the bomb as it rolls , but this tree will have at least two eggs in it for you to cook or eat. Grab the weapons, and use the axe to open the boxes and barrels.

Drop the food into the fire, especially the eggs which yield one and a half hearts each time, provided you can do so without breaking the eggs. If you feel like it, you may also want to use the square bomb to blast trees and collect one korok leaf as well as some wood. You'll need this later. General Strategies - There are two lookouts here who will alert the others if they spot you - including the lone Bokokblin on a tower near the fort. Defeat the tower Bokoblin first, then collect some arrows. To get up on the fort, don't waste arrows on the drawbridge - kill the Red Chuchu to light the grass on fire and paraglide up to the fort - or climb a nearby tree and glide down.

Be sure to blow up the crates and barrels for more supplies and arrows. Additionally, allow the archers to continue to shoot arrows your way, then pick them up off the ground for yourself. If you have the Korok Leaf , you can knock Bokoblins down below, and attack them in relative safety without being ganged up. General Strategies - The Chuchus come in waves, and its best to save your early weapons and toss bombs while keeping your distance - especially from the Fire Chuchus and their fire.

As long as you keep moving and leaving bombs behind you, they won't be able to hit you. There are two treasure chests up on two different wooden planks against the front and back wall. Use the wind gusts from the Fire Chuchus to get up to both.

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One has a Boomerang inside, the other has Fire Arrow x5. If you end up killing the Fire Chuchus first, you can still get the first chest by climbing up a nearby tree and throwing a bomb to break it open. The second chest requires lining up a bomb, a tree stump, and the platform so that a charged Korok Leaf will bounce the bomb up to the platform. Korok Leaves can be acquired by breaking trees in the level.

General Strategies - The Bokoblin archer on the top of the fort is armed with fire arrows, so use trees as cover to lure out the other Bokoblins to you before making a dash under the fort. Another archer is lower down on the fort with regular arrows, as is a bokoblin with a damaging sword. You can use the metal crates on the fort as cover or attack with them if you are careful - and even push the archer at the top off.

If you manage to take out the archers first you can try to climb the tall tower, as the bokoblin atop guards some explosive barrels, but if you can't kill the archer at the top it's best not to leave yourself open. Because of the explosives, the two safest ways of taking out this lone Bokoblin are using a Korok Leaf after climbing which does not set of the explosives, but pushes the Bokoblin to its doom , or clearing the lower tower first, then firing arrows upward.

General Strategies - The two Moblins will patrol around the outside of the cave that several Bokoblins are holed up inside - but will come racing out if they detect you. Try to lure the Moblins away one at a time, then sneak up and shoot out the lantern in the skull cave's eye to take out the enemies within, just be sure to get in and grab the goods before they burn up.