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Coincidentally it features an albinistic person in a positive role while the latter does the opposite. Billy Raven of the Children of the Red King series is an albino orphan seeking adoption. He also fulfills the "magical powers" aspect of this trope he can talk to animals , but then, so can all the other main characters.

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Billy also has a Disability Immunity : a villain named Manfred can't use his Hypnotic Eyes on Billy, who has poor eyesight related to his albinism. The author doesn't spell it out, but many albinos suffer rhythmatic nystagmus, where the eyes uncontrollably jerk back and forth from side to side, to the point where it is actually impossible to make traditional "eye contact. It is implied that his albinism is part of the reason no one has ever adopted him. Nevertheless, he was always sympathetic and genuinely liked the heroes. It's also revealed that Billy's ancestors Amadis, as well as his son Owain, are both heroic albinos much like Billy is, as well as having the same magical powers as him.

Maple White, explorer and original discoverer of the plateau in Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World is described by Professor Challenger as having some characteristics of albinism. Serbitar, the noble warrior priest in David Gemmell 's novel Legend. In Sophie and the Albino Camel and other books by British children's author Stephen Davies, the hero is an albino camel called Chobbal. The animal experiences rejection by his own mother so is fed and nurtured by a young African boy.

The albino camel has a cheerful and generous disposition. Peter West, the protagonist and narrator of the novel Simple Man , is depicted as having realistic eye problems. The character is the great-grandson of a fictional early 20th-century albinistic circus performer, Angelica Georgiou.

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It is implied in the narrative that Angelica was very beautiful, intelligent, talented and charming in her prime. His father abandons him on the mountainside Greek-style but the Simurgh, a wise and kindhearted semi-divine bird finds him and raises him as his own. Zal eventually leaves the Simurgh to find his place in the human world and after making up with his guilt ridden father moves on to become one of the greatest heroes in all of history in addition to being the father of THE greatest hero in all of history.

Aloysius X. His brother, on the other hand Albino rodent girls appear in several of Paul Kidd's furry stories. He is, however, a mostly-blind pink-eyed albino rat. The main character in the YA novel The Likes of Me, which is about a girl in early 20th century Oregon who happens to be both half-Chinese and an albino.

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She runs away from home and, among other adventures, joins the circus. She hides in Sherwood Forest with a group of outcasts because other people believed she was a witch because of her appearance , but she is firmly in the good guy's camp.

Her son with Robin has white hair, as well, and the framing device for the story is a boy having a dream who also has white hair—it's implied he's their descendant. Jak Lauren of the Deathlands adventure series. Richard Henry Benson, of the Pulp Magazine series The Avenger has a particularly strong case of Locked into Strangeness that bleaches not only his hair but skin as well, and gives him Frozen Face. Even his irises are nearly white, giving the Avenger a truly icy appearance. In a Dragonlance short story, there is an albino silver dragon.

The knight realizes too late that when he couldn't move, he didn't actually feel cold.

After realizing he just slaughtered a being of pure good, the knight decides to care for the dragon's baby. Perhaps not actually a hero, but it is an albino creature that is completely good, killed because of the way she looks it could have been more confusing still, as silver dragons have a cold breath weapon as well. In fact he's a Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold.

It's unclear whether he is genuinely albinistic or just sickly pale from being locked up his whole life. He was rejected by his clan and now lives in the mountains with his albino raven, "Ark". They both turn out to be a great help against the Big Bad. All the Stark children, including Jon, have a direwolf of their own and the direwolf is the sigil of House Stark. Each child shares similarities with their direwolf. The story draws comparisons between Jon Snow's illegitimacy and Ghost's albinism: they are each both a part of their respective families but are also somewhat separate from their siblings at the same time, they both mature quicker than their siblings, and they are both particularly observant.

It turns out that he's been living as a Greenseer for decades among the children of the forest and is apparently more benevolent than his reputation held.

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Hearteningly, he does have focus issues and is short-sighted, but he's also more of a lanky albino fluffball than heroic, despite being the protagonist. In Dragon's Egg , there is an albino named "Pink Eyes". He is especially notable because he belongs to a species of aliens about the size of a grain of rice, who all live on the surface of a neutron star, where even the laws of physics play out differently. Playing straight into the trope, he is a sickly outcast who eventually wins favor as a prophet. The scientific justification is that his eyes are sensitive to different wavelengths of light, so he can see some of the activities of the orbiting human research station.

Urthwyte the Mighty, of the Redwall novel Salamandastron. Urthwyte was portrayed as a kind and gentle badger with a special talent for forging armor. Anne McCaffrey 's series the Dragonriders of Pern includes a nonhuman albino, the unique white dragon Ruth. Ruth is also smaller than most of his species, and his eggshell was too thick for him to successfully hatch on his own. Oswald, who saves the day at the end of the Deptford Mice series. To be sure, having been deeply traumatized when young, he is reluctant and eccentric, but he comes through: he's a Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold.

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Several of the characters in the Fablehaven series, most notably Warren Burgess, lost their pigmentation along with most of their brain functioning after encounters with a revenant. Their minds were restored after the revenant's defeat, and their albinism was soon cured by a magic artifact. He even has big ears to go with the "rabbit" motif. Hell, his name is an anagram of "white rabbit. Kiernan's Alabaster, a heroic teenage monster hunter, described by the author as being a "creepy little ' Boo Radley ' albino girl.

Because the alternative is that Dancy fought, and was eaten by, Great Cthulhu, and then subsequently spat back out again as either herself or a doped up Changeling so Chance wouldn't remember blowing away a few dozen ghouls. In general, the civilization Beneath the Earth called the Colony highly values albinism, as it indicates direct descent from the albino Founders. Initially she is terrified by him, believing him to be the ghost of her dead friend, but he actually turns out to be quite nice.

Said elf gave him the ability to talk and think, which turned his feathers white as a side effect. In-series, though, he doesn't do much except speak in riddles and yell " Wyrda. Any heroic Underland human in The Underland Chronicles is this by default. According to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , a certain demon called a nogtail can be driven away with pure white dogs, and so the Ministry of Magic keeps albino bloodhounds for this purpose.

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Not quite heroic they're animals, and you can't really apply morality to them , but helpful at any rate. Arguably could be an aversion since her albinism is not a huge deal in the plot. Although not a true albino, Kiki Strike has pale skin, nearly-white hair and pale eyes as a result of being poisoned as a child. In Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn , the protagonist finds refuge from her abusive, criminal and eventually murderous uncle with the local vicar, who is explicitly an albino.

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He gives her valuable care and advice. He turns out to be the The Chessmaster behind the crime network, to whom the uncle is The Dragon , so it is all a setup for Evil Albino. Bannor of Gathering the Enchanted qualifies as this. Although, at this point in the story all he's really done is go Ax-Crazy on some shooters after they killed his friends. But we're still counting him.

This is implied to be the result of inbreeding, as the Conn family tree includes quite a bit of incest and he was born before the advancement of medical technology allowed them to eliminate the risk of genetic defects.

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Pink Eyes from Warrior Cats is the series' first ever albino cat. He's also a solid good Cool Old Guy. The Riddle Master Trilogy : Astrin Ymris, a secondary character, is the land-heir of Ymris and helps the main character when he loses his memory in the first book. The Witcher : Geralt of Rivia, the main character, is albino due to undergoing more intense mutations that caused total loss of pigmentation. In terms of personality, he fits the Knight In Sour Armor archetype to a tee, being jaded and world-weary, but still trying to do the right thing in a Crapsack World.