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Was it a case of grammar lapse or of impropriety in the use of words? I assume, it is a case more of lexical deficiency than of grammatical fault. I think that one makes me the craziest. I learned my grammatical skills and am still learning them from reading as well.

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Working at a job the last 3 years with proofers really helped to increase my knowledge as well. You should add a part 6 to discuss Lie versus Lay. Besides the ones you point out, there are 2 more that always seem to annoy me when I read them…. I explained the difference. He responded, thanking me for my email. I spent 7 years as a newspaper copy editor, more than 30 years writing for publication and editing various publications, and I still make mistakes. But I make an effort to correct them when I find them.

I discovered this not too long ago too. Now I want to go back years and have my over-zealous university professors grade my papers again. Ha ha ha.

According to dictionary. Random House, Inc. As a former journalism major, I rely on the Associated Press Style Manual to get me through a lot of the weird stuff. Affect, as a noun, is best avoided. It occasionally is used in psychology to describe an emotion, but there is no need for it in everyday language. Effect, as a verb, means to cause: He will effect many changes in the company. Effect, as a noun, means result: The effect was overwhelming. He miscalculated the effect of his actions. It was a law of little effect. My native language is not english but I stumble upon such mistakes with an increasing frequency… it must be a native speaker only problem.

Most non-native post and blogs have other types of mistakes. I routinely break this one on purpose, just about in every post. I agree here. There are times when poetic license replaces true form yet is just as legititmate. As long as the clarity of the writing — the integrity of the message — remains, the use of the vernacular and breaking of some rules is quite alright. Writing is an ART. Real art is achieved not with schoolbook learning, but with regular usage, acceptance of criticism, and ruthless self-edits.

Only experience can truly teach. I actively disobey this rule because it is a stupid rule.

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There is no reason to have both There and Their. The difference is not relevant because the words are not, NEVER were, and never will be defined by spelling. This is easily proven. Try speaking the words improperly. You can not do it. They are always defined by context.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

ONE should be selected and the other deleted since context and only context defines them. They are phonetically identical and contextually defined. The difference is spelling is technical and semantic with no logical relevance. You can NOT mis read a sentence because one over the other is used. Thank you. These constantly drive me insane. Hopefully more people will understand how uneducated these common mistakes make them look. During the recent execution of a notorious Iraqi dictator, a lot of writers seemed to be confused about the difference between hung and hanged.

Is there a diffrence in its use. I once worked with a guy who had the task of writing a four line blog post on the company site! The post consisted of four sentences, three of which had exclamation marks! Of course the last sentence had multiple exclamation marks!!! I love the title. This is my hat. Without regard to its strictly grammatical propriety, it can be confusing and is unappealing as a matter of style.

Better alternatives are available. This adjective is also misused for as a substitute for indefinite articles, for the purpose placing greater emphasis on the subject. You need to evaluate the motives of this person who gave the advice. This usage is inappropriate but not as egregious an error as its misusage as a pronoun. Ending a sentence with a preposition may not be a grammatical error, speaking strictly, but good style requires alternatives be found in most cases.

The usage of correct grammar and good style is the hallmark of an educated mind and disciplined thought. As such it should recognized and encouraged. Its absence should serve as a warning to readers and listeners of a concomitant lack of rigor in development of any underlying premise.

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Bloggers should pay serious attention to grammar and how it negatively effects there message. Imagine my embarassment when I dicscovered I had cut and pasted a draft into the comments box instead of the final version! I submit the final version belos; please feel free to make humorous comments at my expense! Thanks for the interesting article. As such it should be recognized and encouraged.

And I broke the rules again by not reviewing my spelling on the comments added to the final draft.

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This here English grammar stuff is harder too figgur then I thawt! Grammar is important to writers because our currency is credibility, which we earn through accuracy. I even capitalize and use proper punctuation which is almost unheard of on MSN Messenger.

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My ex was bad for that and he used to get really mad when I corrected him all the time. I think everyone has trouble with that word. This problem is two-fold, they often pick the wrong one no matter which they meant to use! The meanings are not the same, and the two words do not sound alike. Truly puzzling. I see these three words used in the wrong context all the time. I have grown tired of using the apostrophe key at all, so I just avoid conjunctions as much as possible. At times, I find that it can even make sentences more clear. On the other hand, I hate it when other people make apostrophe mistakes.

Regardless, great job on the article. That was the right way to do it, right?

PDF Slow Poison and other dark tales (Some folk just arent very nice Book 1)

The Human mind is an amaizng thing. If can make some of the most intresting corrcetions all by itself without you even knowing it. Gross grammar errors are tacky. They really should be corrected. The minor errors though especially spelling errors are quite irrelevant. We all know this even if we refuse to admit it. This irrelevance is why its so hard to proof read your own content.