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I think they were very affectionate. Garry and I were very happy with what we read. Careful man. Bruce and Jack, my collaborators, wrote that lyric.

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Garry and I are so proud of our relationship. We never, never hide it. Maybe to the mass public, maybe they might have been surprised. Your first autobiography, Sweet Life: Adventures on the Way to Paradise , covered a good portion of your career, but so much has happened since then. When can fans expect another autobiography from you? And what would you like it to include?

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In this day and age, there would be no reason not to talk about my relationship with Garry. If I were to do one, of course, there would be a lot about the two of us.

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Actually, I started to work on a part two to Sweet Life. I did it over the summer. What was that like? People warned me that Dionne might be difficult to work with and that was the farthest thing from what happened. We had a ball making that record. It was a party every afternoon.

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She was in great voice that entire album, as you might be able to hear. It was a great, wonderful experience. If you talk to her about making that album, she will say the same thing. It was a great creative experience for the two of us. You first gained notoriety working with Bette Midler. What was it like performing live with The Divine Miss M and producing her music?

Bette is one of the most talented human beings that we have on the planet.

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When she started off and I was her musical director and arranger and all, it was thrilling. I had started with her before she exploded.

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I had a small band that I had hired to back her up and we all knew, oh boy, this is big. This girl is going to go far. For the first year, we worked in small clubs in the middle of nowhere and the audiences would go crazy in the small clubs. We all knew that any minute that she was going to explode. And during the second year she exploded, and it was exactly what I expected.

She did The Tonight Show and everything changed. She was on the cover of Newsweek magazine. It was a thrilling experience for me to be supporting this incredible talent and watching her become so well-respected and well-loved. Barry Manilow.

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