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For this reason, as I convey my congratulations to the winners of the Premio Arte Laguna painting prize, I am also keen to address the thousands in the running who did not receive an accolade on this occasion.

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If there are winners, there must be losers and this is the way the world works - not so much a bad thing. Whether or not you hold out hope for winning another time, at least you took initiative now, you wanted your work to be seen and it is precisely this communicative impulse that defines our understanding of art. Art prizes provide a vital medium through which you can transmit your heartfelt messages, and who knows how they might ring bells for those, especially us judges, lucky enough to receive them? In short, be of good courage and please join me in thanking Premio Arte Laguna for providing such an opportunity.

Achille Marozzo

Secondo le leggi, euforiche e in prospettiva, che questa repubblica della pittura richiedeva. The Republic of Painting Arte Laguna Prize is for a critic a wide and diverse opportunity to test the degree of advancement, thoughtfulness and pervasiveness of an artistic means of expression: in my case, painting. We think of painting, and I can say we rightly do after this first-hand experience, as the most widespread and shared artistic expression, and therefore the most layered, but also inevitably the most complex one, in relation to the task of defining it in its "contemporaneity": a huge palimpsest of memory and sensitivity, on the one hand, and a challenge to the possible re-writing, to the refined re-invention of intellectual codes and formal data, when not found, on the other.

Observing almost two thousand artists who have decided to paint today, and the over five thousand paintings made by these artists, who deserve my thanks, involves a fruitful plunge into the contradictory energy of an expressive medium that is astounding in its ability to attract and, at the same time, in the inherent difficulty of interpreting and stimulating it, once again, from the inside: abstraction and figuration, geometric-analytical lines and re-expressionisms, pop imagery and conceptual condensation, photographic-cinematographicsocial media matrix as well as the intimate relationship with the syntagms of sign, shape, and color.

Everything coexists with its opposite, and next to its counterpart on these canvases.

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How to choose, what to be amazed of, which questions to ask yourself, which direction to take According to the euphoric and prospective laws that this Republic of painting demanded. Contemporary photography emerges as a path through its contradictory relationship with the world and with the sense of reality. Art, architecture, landscape, journalism, documentary, advertisement are just some aspects of the photographic languages inside this discipline. The kaleidoscopic complexity of this medium has strongly changed people's self-perception and their own perception of reality.

So, how has photographic art changed?

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And how did it contribute to the transformation of the world of art in the age of social networks, wide-ranging webs and global participation? Nowadays the distinctiveness of photography is contaminated with other media, by updating itself and renewing its status, pushing boundaries and challenging the commonplace. Rather than 'photography', we should talk about 'photographic images', in order to define a term which goes beyond impressed paper. This peculiarity is able to express today the complexity of contemporary languages. The photography as it used to be considered till a decade ago, conceived as a rectangular piece of paper with an image printed on it through a chemical process, is dying out.

The photographic image, as a universal language, survives and it will keep on having a privileged relationship with reality. The complexity of the liquid age we are living in is perfectly reflected in contemporary photography, composed by the visual appearance of the world. By expressing this complexity, photography should be able to convey a direct experience with floating and elusive subjects, provided we know how to recognize them. The selected authors for this exhibition have been able to capture the world from their privileged position, an observatory which expands towards the city and the society, in order to encompass a place, a time, a network of cultural relationships through images and visions.

Created from an idea of Arte Laguna Studio and Cultural Association MoCA, Arte Laguna Prize, a contest dedicated to visual arts, has been offering since concrete opportunities to talents, by promoting and spreading contemporary art, and emerging as an interpreter of the contemporary Zeitgeist.

Arte Laguna Prize has grown over time, building year after year relationships with international jurors chosen among directors of museums and foundations, curators and art critics changing at every edition, with the goal to select the finalists whose works are exhibited at Venice Arsenale, a prestigious showcase for contemporary art. Arte Laguna Prize has built a strong network of collaborations with Foundations, Museums, Galleries, Art Residencies and companies, turning them into concrete opportunities of growth and of launch of the professional career of artists.

In this way, a system of relationships made of people and ideas has been created, an open system that is always looking towards new horizons. La Galleria art re. ART re. Since the very beginning the gallery worked mostly with those artists, who had already became classics of the local art-scene, whose works had been parts of the museum collections in Russia and abroad.

Since the magistral strategy of development is co-operating with artists included in the international context of contemporary art as well as providing start-ups for young artists and curators, and participation in significant exhibitions, international festivals, art fairs and collaborating with different art institutions.

In 3 years she managed to build a place for contemporary art as well as a community of artists and scientists around the gallery. Today Galerie Charlot is internationally recognized as a key place for contemporary digital creation. Emerging talents as well as internationally established artists are presented every year in seven exhibitions in the Parisian space and in different international art fairs.

Ponendosi come obiettivo principale la partecipazione a fiere d'arte, la galleria cerca di creare un solido network internazionale di arte contemporanea e di difendere i suoi artisti all'estero. La galleria pubblica anche monografie contenenti testi di curatori e critici internazionali. Founded in , the former Ara gallery expanded its activities in order to forge new strategies towards more emerging artists and strong proposals, presenting in , a new space and a new project. Taking participation in art fairs as a main goal, the gallery tries to map a solid international network of the contemporary art scene and to defend its artists abroad.

The diversity of the spaces allows it to present a programme that is diverse and consistent, that may hold different supports and spatial solutions. The gallery also publishes designed monographs holding texts by international curators and critics. The gallery has been supporting and promoting the work of a successful generation of artists, some of them have been working with us for more than 15 years. Arte Laguna makes possible to every artist everywhere to be seen by a group of experts and to show the artwork in such an historical place as Venice.

The only known surviving exemplars of his writing are twenty vellum leaves bound in a manuscript copybook, dated 4 February , dedicated to Edward Raleigh, an Englishman Signor Odoardo Ralyg Gentilhuomo. Handwriting instructions by James Pickering based on Cataneo's work. Biagio Di Stefano Salerno, Italy designed the organic circle-based sans typeface family Negg in and the hand-crafted typeface Diabolik in Gorizia, Italy-based designer of Furious , a typeface based on the handwritten book Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto.

La favola di Alessio Figalli: è il primo italiano dopo 44 anni a vincere il nobel Per la matematica

The first volume appeared in About 64 Euros per year subscription. One can view Bodoni's work here. The sample images are small and basically useless. No PDF downloads. Italian designer of the primitive hand-printed typeface BKappa La Letteria is located in Berlin. In , Elena cofounded LetterinBerlin, a studio dedicated to handmade and digital design, with a special focus on lettering and type-design.

Her typefaces: The connected script typeface Dolce , which won an award at the TDC2 type competition.

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Dyna A connected feminine script. Scritta connected calligraphic script. Followed by Scritta Nuova : a rhythmic upright connected script , which evokes retro calligraphic styles taught in Italian schools around the s. Helene squarish face. A Gregorian chant font that won an award at TDC2 Deja Rip and Deja Web An eight-style sans family of great utility, co-designed with Fred Bordfeld; Cyrillic included.

Acuta An all-purpose type family.

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Nouvelle Vague A connected display script along the lines of Mistral. Spinnaker A sans design based on French and UK lettering found on posters for travel by ship. The plump and curvy script typeface Molle , Google Web Fonts. Kiez , The Blackmoon Foundry. Vidal A wide sans with low contrast and medium-to-tall ascenders. Coast An almost monoline sans inspired by enamel signs from the s.

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MyFonts link. Google Plus link. Graphic and type designer in Milan. Italian graphic designer, b. Amsterdam, , d. Milan, He lived and worked in Milan from until his death. Noorda attended the Instituut voor Kunstnijverheidsonderwijs now the Gerrit Rietveld Academie , graduating in He moved to Milan in In Italy, Noorda gained fame for his design in the late s and early s for posters and advertisements for Pirelli where he also served as art director. The typeface used for the Milan metro was called Noorda.

Noorda is a modification or optimization of Helvetica. Several other subway systems later used his typeface, including the entire New York City subway system in the s, as well as other subway signage projects for Noorda in Sao Paulo, Naples and the regional train network in Lombardy. In , Noorda and fellow Milan-based designer Massimo Vignelli were among the seven founders of Unimark International, an American design firm with offices around the world, including Chicago and Milan.

From to he was a professor of visual communication at Politecnico di Milano.