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Make him a claims rater and give him a quota with bonus as an incentive. In most cases, he would just dig into a veterans file enough to get the claim processed. Denials were faster and the faster you processed the claims the better bonus you received. If that is true, then the VA has a major issue…. People are trying to survive and live.. A second time…… Lawsuits might wake them up…. I am a British Royal Navy veteran of this war with similar medical conditions yet in Britain our government declines the link between these conditions.

They are probably waiting until more of us are dead, like they did with the nuclear test veterans before they acknowledge GWO. I think your country is holding the light to show other countries the way.

Good luck to all you and good health, or at least better health. Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you or provide any more information that may be helpful to you. I have had memory issue since the gulf war an in the last 3 years it has become more progressive. My wife is getting really worried and so am I.

Veteran's Benefits for Gulf War Syndrome

I took everything they gave use. Our unit even had formations to insurer we took our pills. Gulf war vet.

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All these diseases accurately describes what I have been dealing with since before I retired from the Corps in Prostate cancer surgery in , high blood pressure with 3-medications, 4-cardiac ablations, chronic fatigue, severe arthritis, type-2 diabetes and depression and anxiety. Who lives like a 70 year old man. I have been diagnosed with so many different conditions, that just wreck my body. I was gassed numours times. They told us they all malfunctioned. Every night for to many nights to count and some days.

I was in the 12th Aviation brigade. With a extra Apache battalion. So we covered miles of desert when we would occupy a area. We stayed in affected are for weeks. The sealed bags were all ready tore open and their only good for 24 hours once open. The suits where design to fight the Russians in the Folda gap. Not Iraq in the desert. So they broke down faster in the desert heat. I know we took the PB pills as directed, exposed to gas, was sick with a My medical records never made it back and now this. I am 53 right now have high blood pressure, high triglycerides, sleep apnea, irregular heartbeat, and look older than my brother who is 10 years older than me.

Wish I could tell my story once and have someone advocate for me while I do my job. Yes I have anger issues and feel that the VA and Gov. Thank those willing to take the time to read and listen. If you need any other resources, are interested in our study, or if we can help in any other way, please reach out to our team at GWIC bu.

I have to make a living…I have to work, as long as this body can….. I do believe they will put us all off til we die off….. So much for our sacrifice and answering to the call of duty.. We are seemingly on our own…Yes it causes anger.. I remember the chemical detectors going off and dogs dying around us. Oil fires, the shits and the pills we took I believe caused me issues. Had my Prostate and right Kidney removed and currently on Chemotherapy fighting. Anybody else have any medical issues?

I know I have same issues as rest of you… who knows? Wre a stationary hospital and about miles south of Iraq border. We were exposed to oil well smoke and ONE loud scud explosion near us. I turned 24 after I got back. I was physically okay for several years but my coping skills seem to slip. I saw several therapist and took anti depression meds on and off. Before I turned 40 I needed thyroid hormone replacement. I then joined VA healthcare and tested everything outside mental health. I have a hiatal hernia, degenitive disk disease in lower spine, positive bloodwork for chrones disease although CT clean.

Been taking melatonin and erbs for sleep for years, I quit statin when fatigue got worse and my liver enzyme shot up ALT. At 50 I got VA non svc connect pension. Help us please! Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you or provide information about seeking health care and treatment. Thank you for this. Thank you so much for this info.. Thank you for your interest in our research, and we hope it proves helpful.

Regarding children of GW veterans- have there been any studies or outreach surveys for percentage, aif any, of children having auto-immune issues? Specifically, GW veteran children having Psoriasis, but also any increase for all auto-immune issues. Also, is there any significant theory that Sarin, Cycolsarin, DU, oil well fires, and other regional environmentals, causes DNA breakdown?

Thank you- jc. Please contact us at GWIC bu. Served in the Persian Gulf from August April I have PTSD, chronic fatigue, chronic joint pain, panic attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, headaches, depression, anxiety, and Short term memory loss. Feel free to email me or call me at jetmechst gmail.

Gulf War Veterans’ Medically Unexplained Illnesses - Public Health

If you have questions about participating our research or would like information about seeking healthcare and claims from the VA, please contact us at or email GWIC bu. I have PTSD, degenerative disc disease, depression, anxiety, chronic joint pain,short term memory problems,2 heart attacks,2 spinal fusion. I was very healthy when deployed and when I got home but as time passes these problems started to plague me I tried to stay in shape but it has gotten progressively harder.

If you have questions about participating in our research or would like information about seeking healthcare from the VA, please contact us at or email GWIC bu. My Primary doctor blames everything that has ever been wrong with me on my weight. Is there any help out here for me? I feel like dying little by little each day. If you have questions about our research or would like information about seeking healthcare from the VA, please contact us at or email GWIC bu.

Gulf War Illness Linked to Higher Risk of Parkinson’s-like Symptoms, Study Finds

I got sick once, passed out, awoke in a British hospital. About 10 years later, at 30, my endocrine system was about completely shot. Even though I have no family history of any issues like this affecting a living father, mother, and 3 older siblings. Hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, etc, etc.

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Cronic fatigue and bronchitis. I dont know if anyone else suffers from a damaged endocrine system, but if anyone would care to collect information on me for a study that might lead to some answers, feel free to reach out to me or ask me to get in touch with you. If you are interested in learning more about participating in our research, please give us a call at or an email to GWIC bu. Someone has to realize that some of us work till we are overcome physically and mentally. A phone call will not come close to fixing our lives.

I was in the Gulf War I got high blood pressure, high cholesterol, skin rash all over my body, joint derteriation, memory lost, body aches , arthritis. We are so sorry to hear about your health problems. If you would like to learn more about our study or want information about seeking health care and treatment, please call us at or email us at GWIC bu.

My conditions is getting worse, digestion n memory. These two things is not part of my service connection. We need answers n help.

Gulf War Syndrome

VA is not getting us the help we need. I live in Indianapolis Indiana. Being on that desert with the oil wells burning n everything else is going on. I came in just in time to deploy to desert storm. I retire of 30 years in February Was in the Marines. Was in desert storm snd shield. Had the anthrax and other shots. Made the big golf ball sized knots in the back of your arms. Was around all the burn pits, burning oil fields etc. Now I fight chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, heart problems, joint pain, anxiety, Gaul bladder problems snd nearly every single problem associated to what ever the hell happened over there but the people in charge wants nothing to do with it.