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Erlangen-Nuremberg , Prof. Waldschmidt Univ. Frankfurt and Prof. Hartenstein met in a hotel close to the Autobahn cross Biebelried for coordination of the pressure group. In Dr. Woelcken sends a proposal the successor of Dr. Hamacher, simultaneously with a letter by Prof. Hartenstein addressed to the minister in person.

Hartenstein had met Dr. Riesenhuber already in the 70ies. Toward the end of a grant of about 38 million Deutschmark has been approved for Prof. Hartenstein to run the multi university E. See the E. In the E. However, always the reply has been the same: "None of our neighbour countries is supporting this. Why should we fund it? As soon as my application in Bonn was successful, all these colleagues again went to their technology ministers telling, that now a neighbour country is funding it.

International Technology Transfer. Hartenstein and by Dr. Via knowledge transfer by the person Dr. Woelcken the E. Hartenstein gives a major series of colloquium talks and and other invited presentations , as well as courses, also 3-day and 5-day courses in different countries. Hartenstein gives a major series of other invited presentations in different countries throughout Europe.

Hartenstein's contributions as a panelist in different countries throughout Europe. Anniversary Workshop at Dresden, Germany, April 3 - 5, April 4. Februar E. Oktober 2. Augustin, April Workshop, Dresden, 3. April 9. April 7. November 6. Microchips having been manufactured for the E.

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During the 80ies is has been the world-wide leading design language. Why mainly only in the 80ies? Click here. Also see the quotation index and KARL-related literature. Already before this was demonstated by designing an integer multiplier from the math formula. He teaches, facilitates modeling sessions and develops taxonomy and workflow strategies. He has assisted companies by analyzing their content, current workflow and taxonomy systems, helped to create new ones and worked to ensure that they are maintained on a consistent basis.

He not only understands process, he understands the production tasks and can design a process that works for everyone in an organization. Ranking among the top XML technology leaders today, Don Day not only contributes to the success of individual projects and products, his influence can also be found on nearly every XML initiative in production. Don is well-known for advising and consulting on strategy, technology, and best practices for optimizing the value and usefulness of unstructured data.

Mike Dillinger, PhD is a well-known specialist in deploying machine translation technology and past President of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas.

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He is currently Staff Technical Program Manager for Machine Translation at LinkedIn and had a similar role at eBay after investing 10 years as an independent consultant helping organizations around the globe to enable large-scale global communication. Before that he developed MT systems and did experimental research on how people read, write, translate, and interpret technical content. She also is co-editor of the DITA 1.

Originally trained as a historian, she became a technical communicator at IBM, where she wore all the content worker hats you can imagine: Information developer, team lead, information architect, build specialist. When not herding technical cats, she cooks, quilts, and enjoys her Mini Cooper S. Jeannette Eichholz leads the Global Ultrasound Documentation team for GE Healthcare-Ultrasound , a collaborative team located in 9 different countries.

She manages the component content management system, plans its re-use strategy, collaborates with the other writers to create content, single sources content, and oversees translating this content into 33 languages.


Robert J. After receiving his Ph. His interests and expertise include information systems and service design, content management, and ebook design and publishing. He founded or co-founded four companies, including Veo Systems in , which pioneered the use of XML for electronic business before its acquisition by Commerce One in More recently, he is the principal author and editor of The Discipline of Organizing, named an "information science book of the year" in by the Association of Information Science and Technology.

George D. He holds both a law degree and a Ph.

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His publications include four books and fifty articles. His latest two books Expectations and The Sense of Structure explore his "Reader Expectation Approach" to the English language, which is revolutionizing the way in which writing is perceived and taught, both for students and for professionals. He earned his Ph.

He also holds an M. He lives near Detroit with his wife and two children.

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Elizabeth Gschwind started her career in localization as a French translator, and has moved through many roles since: from vendor-side Project Manager, Vendor Manager, and Sales rep, to client-side Localization Manager. Her studies include a B.

Previously, he held the positions of manager of translation and localization for Cisco Systems' voice technology group and Globalization Manager for Active Voice Corporation. He holds a bachelor's degree in modern languages from the Zurich Translator and Interpreter School and a master's degree in business administration in information technology from Jones International University in Centennial, Colorado.

Martin has over 25 years of experience in the localization industry, both on the vendor and manufacturer sides and in technical and managerial roles. Richard Hamilton is the founder of XML Press , which publishes information for technical communicators, marketers, managers, content strategists, social media practitioners, and the engineers who support their work.

He holds a designation from AIIM.

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Sean Holmquest is a Content Manager at Huge 's Brooklyn office, where he develops and implements content publishing guidelines, database schemas and CMS updates for client editorial teams. Brenda Inman is the Manager, Localization at St.

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Jude Medical. Since January , Brenda has managed the localization team and has additional experience prior to that as a technical writer writing manuals for patients and medical professionals, and managing the Author-it Content Management System. Brenda started her career in the medical device industry in with Medtronic working in the areas of clinical research, regulatory affairs, and technical writing.

She has been at St. Jude Medical since Paul, Minnesota. She was was part of the centralized Localization team at Yahoo! In , Katell also joined the board of the Women in Localization, an organization dedicated to promote professional development, networking and continuous education among its rapidly-growing membership. As principal of the consultancy Content Science , Colleen has led strategic initiatives for clients ranging from Dell to Equifax to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She regularly consults with executives and practitioners to improve their strategy and processes for digital content.

Her newly released second book, "Does Your Content Work? Colleen also is the co-founder of ContentWRX, a platform that evaluates your content's effectiveness. He currently lives in St. Gretyl Kinsey, a technical consultant with Scriptorium Publishing , specializes in content strategy and tech comm tools and technologies.

Since joining Scriptorium, she has been involved with the development and implementation of content strategies for organizations in a variety of industries. She has experience with every step of the process, from customizing transforms to converting legacy content to helping with follow-on support. She also frequently contributes her graphic design skills to the marketing side of Scriptorium.

With a background in journalism and visual communication, she is interested in the convergence between technical and marketing communication, and in content strategies that support it.

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  • Paula Land divides her time between being a content strategy consultant and a technology entrepreneur. As founder and principal consultant at Strategic Content , she develops content strategies and implementation plans for private clients such as REI, Costco, F5 Networks, NetApp, and GHX, as well as partnering with other agencies on large-scale projects for clients like Microsoft and MasterCard.

    As cofounder of Content Insight , she is the impetus behind the development of CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, which creates automated content inventories. Prior to her current ventures, Paula was content strategy lead in the Seattle office of Razorfish. Since , they have helped their clients connect with their customers, employees, and partners through custom content and learning—all the information to sell, support, and use new technology and services. As a professional services company, they work with clients in three ways: content strategy, content development and delivery, and content infrastructure.

    Their approach and methodology is guided by business requirements and user centered design principals.