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Between and , the glacier advanced and got thicker. See the science paper here The ocean cooling was likely related to the natural cycles of warming and cooling that happen in the Atlantic as part of the North Atlantic Oscillation. This visualization shows a variety of data from the oceans and ice to help explain why Jakobshavn glacier grew thicker and advanced between and Initially, the average flow of ice across the Greenland Ice Sheet in these years is shown as colored flow arrows, with blue shades indicating slower movement and red indicating faster.

As we draw near we see a large bay named Disko Bay located just to the west of the narrow inlet, or fjord, that is home to Jakobshavn glacier. The water is cut away to reveal the historical temperature of the bay, to a depth of about meters. Around Greenland, water below m depth tends to be warmer than water near the surface.

The change in temperature between and is shown using blue tones for colder water and red tones for warmer. The deep water warms through most of the s, but cools dramatically after The ocean temperature changes are shown a second time, with a brief pause on to see the initial cooler water temperature, to view the warming and to view the current cooling trend. The visualization pulls out to show the entire Greenland Ice Sheet while ocean is drained to reveal the shape and depth of the ocean floor around the ice sheet.

Data from the ECCO ocean circulation model shows ocean currents carrying water around the southern tip of Greenland and up the west coast, where it eventually enters Disko Bay and reaches Jakboshavn glacier.

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When we zoom in to the Jakobshavn glacier again, we see the glacier is blanketed by more than 40, radar observations. These data show the change in elevation between and as measured by an aircraft. The deepest blue color reflects the advance of the glacier from the front, appearing in the video as a shaded cliff, to its more advanced location in Farther downstream in the fjord the patches of blue and red show icebergs, which have detached from the front. Download x tif This image shows the change in the elevation of the Jakobshavn glacier between and Yellow indicates no change in elevation between the years.

A colorbar shows the values in meters of elevation change. Yellow indicates no change between the years. No colorbar is shown on this image. The colorbar used to map the colors depicting the change in elevation of the surface between and on the radar-measured topography. This image shows the bathymetry shape and depth of the ocean floor around Greenland.

The blue arrows show the Greenland current, which flows around the southern tip of Greenland. The currents are from the ECCO ocean circulation model.

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To enhance the view of the ocean currents, the bathymetry of the ocean floor has been exaggerated by a factor of 30x. Download x tif 8.

An Interview with Bill Dahl – Earth Interrupted – November 1, 2013

This image shows the water temperature in the Disko Bay in from the surface down to a depth of about meters. Red tones indicate warmer water and blue tones indicate cooler. The bathymetry of the ocean floor has been exaggerated by 40x to enhance the view of the temperature data. And there was no money to pay maintenance fees. So the Unites States government took away all 12 of my patents.

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Basically, I started having some stress related health problems. Totally medically disabled. I mean, I was declared crazy.

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  6. I lost my house, I lost all my cars. I lost everything. I was fricking homeless. I lived in that goddamn car for awhile. I mean, how many inventors live in their prototypes?

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    I mean, is that ridiculous or what? It was just…I ruined my family with the deal. But in terms of what happened to me: basically, I was left to rot for eight years. Some, like Edwin Armstrong, inventor of FM radio, take their own lives. Others, like Nikola Tesla, the father of alternating current, suffered — like Cob - from obsessive compulsive disorder.

    Tesla required any repeated actions in his life, such as the footsteps he took in a walk, to be divisible by three, and would keep repeating them until he arrived at the right total. When we met with Cob, it was apparent that his obsessive-compulsions focused entirely on car engines. But beyond that, it seemed to me that some essential part of him, what some people might call a soul, I guess, was indistinguishable from his invention. He is the variable valve mechanism, and it is him. When after over an hour of conversation I asked to see the prototype, his sleepy, medicated eyes sparkled to life, and like a kid on Christmas morning, he bounded through the door leading to the garage and showed us the modified Corvair.

    BURANDT: Okay, now this in economy mode, and you can listen, when we go into performance mode, you will see the idle quality deteriorate. And the small guy, in my opinion, is always the guy who gets his five years a hit. The sooner we get something birthed and into the incubation period, the greater the potential to capitalize on the large scale employement we can derive from it.

    Well, how the hell are you gonna do that? How could a state do that and get a return on their money? I think by making the payment of maintenance fees and possibly the patent application costs, eligible for tax credits—probably another thing I would say on that is, I think especially things that have to do with the environment and energy. That have a social value, not just another hoola hoop but things that have a social value as well. The garage was where Cob really lived, even when his body was sleeping somewhere else.

    And surely too expensive for him to ever afford.

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    His patents expire next year, and hope with them. To see photoes of Corliss Orville Burandt — a. Donate to Living on Earth! Living on Earth is an independent media program and relies entirely on contributions from listeners and institutions supporting public service. Please donate now to preserve an independent environmental voice.

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