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Unlike English, most German adjectives including nationality are written lower case.

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For book and film titles, only the first word and nouns or nominative cases are in upper case. Understanding which words to capitalize in German is, for the most part, easier than English. In German, all nouns are capitalized. There are, however, a few cases where words that at first appear to be nouns are not capitalized. But hey, I am not to blame for it, definitely not. So other than these few exceptions, capitalizing nouns in German is easy. Then I hope you have a lot of fun! Lass es krachen! There are, however, a number of French words that are commonly used in English that have retained their French character and are unmistakably "French sounding" to the English listener.

German too has its share of French loanwords, or Gallicisms, although German vocabulary has fewer words of French origin than English does. In one scene, another actor says: Das ist Bastian Pastewka, einer der beleibtesten Komiker Deutschlands. Rearranging the letters in a word to form a word with a different meaning is called an anagram.

Such subtleties are often the basis for humorous wordplays or Wortspiele in many languages. Other kinds of wordplays focus on associating two words in unexpected ways. He then says: Es hat eben gesagt, was es den ganzen Tag tut. It just said what it does the whole day.

Using an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound is called a malapropism. In a video celebrating World Pi Day , yes, the mathematical constant "pi" has its own holiday , someone asks the riddle, "Which tower has a downward lean of 3. The Leaning Tower of " Pi Day! Puns are, of course, the source of a lot of very corny jokes and wordplays.

The French film Ridicule even goes so far as to call puns "the death of wit! When was the last time you had a swine? Do you only understand "train station? Is your nose full of it? Is it really about the wurst? Are you pressing your thumbs for me? If any of these phrases seem odd to you, now is the time catch up on some of the most common German idioms!

Also, ich versteh' nur Bahnhof. Well, I only understand "train station" [idiom: I don't understand anything]. Is life a pony ranch [idiom: easy, fun] for you? Aber seit dem gestrigen Halbfinale hab' ich die Nase voll! But since yesterday's semi-finals, I have the nose full [idiom: am very disenchanted]! OK, jetzt geht's wirklich um die Wurst. OK, now it's really about the wurst [idiom: getting serious].

I should know; I was one of those fans. This was during the pre-Internet age, mind you, when following a band involved a lot more than just calling up a Wikipedia entry or a Facebook page and clicking on an MP3 download link; the resulting degree of devotion could be profound to the point of startling.

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Legacies are forged over time, of course, and the years have seen a fair share of vicissitudes for both Hopkins and Slutes, with albums typically bookending protracted periods of inactivity for the band. Long may they strike. It was an 18lb.

Germany's temperature record smashed as Europe's heatwave intensifies

Turkey hunting for me was a spiritual experience. I had allot of time to pray and thank God for everything. The woods were so beautiful! Ein Gen i us s! We did see Edgar but he missed our show! Got there too late. Oh well. Paubel, Berlin;.

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