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Wednesday, March 27, a. Friday, March 29, p. Monday, April 1, p. Tuesday, April 2, p. How Does Jazz Survive and Thrive?

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Lender Auditorium, Whitman School of Management. Wednesday, April 3, p. Thursday, April 4, p. Friday, April 5, p. His work focuses on jazz and Afro-Latin music, and on the intersections between culture, politics and activism. This teaching workshop offers interested students and scholars an innovative take on current debates surrounding activism, white supremacy, and racism, while providing practical ways for faculty and instructors to engage in these issues in the classroom.

Panelists Ludwig and Hyde use their new exhibition as curator and designer, respectively about the Seward House, Underground Railroad, and Margaret Stewart, niece of Harriet Tubman; as a foundation for conversation about the collaborative process of designing and interpreting history. Educators Julie Posselt and Casey Miller will make the case for efforts to increase diversity in graduate education, and provide practical strategies for doing so by rethinking typical recruitment and admission processes in a presentation on Friday, March 15, from 10 a. Attendees will learn how common admissions mindsets and practices inhibit access for underrepresented groups, and leave with concrete strategies to change admission processes to yield improved diversity and equity.

The event is free and open to the public. For those coming from off campus, parking is available in the Booth Garage. Those requiring accommodations may contact Zachary Schuster at zmschust syr. Miller is a professor and associate dean for research and faculty affairs in the College of Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She focuses on selective sectors of higher education—graduate education, STEM fields and elite undergraduate institutions—where longstanding practices and cultural norms are being negotiated to better identify talent and educate students in a changing society.

Miller—aside from working as an experimental physicist focusing on nanoscale magnetic materials and related devices—has been recognized for his work on exploring methods for transforming recruitment, admissions and retention to increase access and inclusion in STEM for underrepresented groups. For more information, visit graduateschool. This session will appeal to teachers and scholars in Education, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, African American Studies, as well as the local community.

CART will be provided. Contact suschoolofed syr. Mellon Foundation. In this public lecture, Katz tells the little-known story of the emergence of hip-hop diplomacy, explaining the circumstances that led the State Department to invest significant resources into sending hip-hop artists around the world as cultural ambassadors. The appearance of the French Jesuits at Onondaga Lake from has been narrated as a triumphal story of first contact with the Onondaga Nation.

This is profoundly different from the Onondaga versions of this encounter that are recorded in wampum belts and told in oral stories. Hill's talk examines the gap between written and oral versions or this encounter. Confronting issues of equality, privilege, and justice will be the focus of this daylong experience hosted by the Newhouse Center for Global Engagement and Syracuse University. The afterlife of slavery, apartheid, and colonialism runs deep.

South Africa and the United States share the struggle to build a better future while being honest about our present, as well as our past.

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The event brings together U. Audience members will be surrounded by the imagery and sounds of South Africa while being encouraged to participate in panel discussions through the rotating open panel chair. How did we get here? The situation on the ground. Communication — No Easy Walk to Freedom The role of a free press in providing a reflection of our societies and a method of holding the powerful to account. South Africa to Syracuse — A Common Struggle How issues of inclusion, diversity, and class affect us all, regardless of geography.

Where are we going now?

In this public lecture, Mutnick describes how a community-based course she developed uses library, archival, and digital literacies to deepen students' understanding of academic research and writing. Her visit is sponsored by Composition, Labor and Embodiment -- a Humanities Corridor working group focused on the challenges and possibilities of writing education in an era of economic austerity, retrenchment, and transnationalization in higher education.

Note that Dr. Mutnick also presents a public lecture in the afternoon. Master Class opportunity - Monday, February 25, p. Community Folk Art Center, E. Genesee Street, Syracuse. Anderson will coach local urban youth in a free master class -- open to all musicians and spectators.

RSVP to by Feb. Include any accessibility accomodation requests. Visit nysbaroque. Repeats Saturday February 23 in Ithaca.

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Thinking about going to Law School? Derrick Brainard, Manager, Education Services of AccessLex will visit campus and present a workshop on resources and considerations for financing law school. This will involve discussion of the FAFSA, law school scholarships, negotiating with law school financial aid, as well as budgeting for the cost of attendance and applying. For more information, contact Laura McArdle at lmcardle syr. Licona engages participants in a shared dialogue about action-oriented, interdisciplinary approaches to community building and engagement through a relational, borderlands framework.

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Fostering collaboration, forging coalition, and enacting multiple methodologies to spark multidimensional imaginaries and bridge art with action will be discussed. To RSVP, contact humcenter syr. View or download the event flier. Biography : Adela C. Her research and teaching interests include space and visual rhetorics, cultural, ethnic, gender, and sexuality studies, race, borderlands studies, environmental justice, feminist pedagogy, community literacies, action-oriented research and arts-based inquiry.

It has been exhibited across the US. Licona co-directed the Crossroads Collaborative , a Ford Foundation-funded think-and-act research, writing, and teaching collective designed for action-oriented research on youth, sexuality, health, rights, and justice. With graduate students, she co-founded Feminist Action Research in Rhetoric, FARR , a group of progressive feminist scholars committed to public scholarship and community dialogue.

She is a member of the Colectivo Fronteristas art collective.

Live with our family among the vineyards and learn about self-sustainability in Gavi, Italy.

This Syracuse Symposium keynote address is a call to action. This multimodal interventionist art project circulates as a coalitional gesture. It recognizes that forced separation is not a new practice but one with a long and brutal history connected to colonization, slavery, internment, and imprisonment. This online and installation-ready project participates visually, textually, and sonically in a collective outcry against the caging of children and other migrants.

Yaffe, author of 's Reckless Daughter: A Portrait of Joni Mitchell, joins him to discuss the process of sifting through interviews, anecdotes, historical records, personal artifacts, press accounts, public documents and other sources to tell one's story. Bonus activity : The Music of Lou Reed , a listening session with conversation — p.

After the information session, interested students can meet individually with the Director for brief minute consultations by appointment between and Sign-ups will be available at the tabling event. For more information, contact prehealthadvising syr. This presentation will discuss how to prepare for law school while an undergraduate student, coursework and majors to consider, extracurricular involvements, law school application timeline, and how to connect with pre-law advising at Syracuse.

Those who engage in contemplative practice know its positive effects, but documenting its value to others is not always easy.

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In this panel, Syracuse University authors who have contributed to a new volume, Empirical Studies of Contemplative Practices , discuss how they research contemplative practice to better illustrate its value. A reception follows the presentation. To request accommodations, contact Diane Grimes by February 5.

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Several Syracuse University editors and authors have contributed to a new volume, Empirical Studies of Contemplative Practices. Drawing on a range of disciplines, the volume explores the question of how to research contemplative practice to better illustrate its value. The panelists are Dr. Joshua Felver of Psychology, Dr. Rachel Razza of Falk College, and Dr. Qiu Wang of the School of Education.

Colleagues from across the university are invited to converse with the SU authors at the reception to follow at pm.

  1. Under the Chilian Flag A Tale of War between Chili and Peru.
  2. Minnys Spread #3 (Two Erotic Stories).
  3. 10. Tour a Castle at El Castillo Museum.
  4. The event is sponsored by the Humanities Center , the Contemplative Collaborative, the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies , among others. Looking for a solution to your chemistry questions? Attend this fun and interactive event designed to inform and motivate undecided students to pursue a degree in the reactive world of Chemistry. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen and learn from current students working on different tracks within the Chemistry major as they discuss the specifics of their studies, the research that they have had the opportunity to be apart of, and how they plan to utilize their degree in life after SU.

    Who Should Attend: All Chemistry undergraduates seeking direction in their studies or a better understanding of their major requirements and any undecided students looking to explore their options.